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You've been wanting to write forever but don't have the time or the focus. Or can't decide how to begin. Perhaps you need more writing skills, or you've started your book and need to finish it. Or are you looking for comprehensive editing services?

My mission is to ignite your creativity and structure, organize, and develop your ideas. I’m here to make you confident in your skills. As quickly as possible.

As a writing coach, editor, and workshop facilitator, I offer writing workshops on Zoom and online, individual coaching, and editing sessions. In addition, I provide writing webinars, presentations, and consultations to groups, organizations, and corporations.

As you work with me, you will:

  • Set reasonable, workable goals

  • Be more productive in a limited time

  • Brainstorm through writer's block to reach your goals

  • Learn the craft of excellent writing

  • Explore fresh concepts and tools to revolutionize your work

Let's work together:

Shoshana Kobrin: Author, Educator, Consultant

Transforming Silence into Words

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Endorsements for Shoshana's Work:

  • “Shoshana’s course was stimulating and demonstrated her depth of knowledge. She is a caring, thoughtful instructor, paying great attention to detail. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and touches of humor” – Michael S.

  • “I appreciated the juxtaposition of information and inspiration and learned tools to heal and express myself” – Raymond C.

  • "Shoshana's coaching got me started on my memoir and took me all the way to publication." – Ana H.

  • “Shoshana’s workshop was helpful, encouraging, and effectively organized. The material was user-friendly and presented in a helpful sequence” – Kelly L.

  • “My one-on-one consultation series with Shoshana Kobrin was a life-changing experience. My life now feels richer and more abundant” – Linda B.

  • "Shoshana editing was timely, professional, and detailed." – Peter F.

About Shoshana Kobrin

From an early age, I was awed by the written word. My future awaited me in the power of words, so a Master’s degree in literature at the University of South Africa was the next step. Interest in interracial dynamics led to a Master’s degree in psychology at John. F. Kennedy University in California. I became a psychotherapist, a university professor, and facilitated workshops and retreats professionally and in the community.

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Then I moved from psychotherapy and wrote my first book; a how-to journaling guide. Four self-help books and collections of short stories and poetry followed. A how-to book on memoir writing was next. In progress are books on how to journal, and write short stories, novels, poetry, and non-fiction. At the same time, I enjoyed the fulfilling experience of teaching creative writing to adults. I've now taken up the challenge of technology by creating Zoom and online courses as well as offering phone and Zoom writing consultations.

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I am here to help you with all aspects of writing. Check out my upcoming Zoom and online workshops and individual consulting.

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All books are available in both Kindle and hard copy.

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Life Tales: How to write your memoir

Your life, pinned down in memoir, is a gift to the world. Learn how to turn it into a unique and heart-warming story to engage and inspire your readers. Comprehensive, practical, and user-friendly, this informative book is your indispensable guide. It provides tools to get you started, keep you focused on your writing path, and takes you through to the publishing and marketing process.

Life Tales includes all the elements of memoir writing – and license to tell your tale!

Roots and Wings: Growing Up in Apartheid South Africa

These stories are told with an insider’s view of a conflicted and oppressive period in South African history. The themes vary; encounters with wild monkeys and elephants, a mother bonding with her small daughter on a safari trip, a young boy stranded in the Karroo semi-desert, a dog attack on a remote Transvaal farm, and a white college student’s epiphany when confronted with her black maid’s anguish.

These stories:

  • Capture the essence of apartheid South Africa

  • Are infused with the flavor of the South African landscape

  • Reflect a coming of age of the characters

  • Are an incisive commentary on racial prejudice

  • “Shoshana’s stories are humorous, sad, and profound” – Eli R.

  • “Shoshana paints an accurate picture of life in that beautiful, racially troubled country” – Sandy L.

  • Roots and Wings reflects not only the social upheaval of that time, but also the interior transformation of her characters” – Gabrielle M.

A Tempo: Seasons of a Life

A Tempo explores the transitory nature of time in poetry and painting. The poems are divided into the four seasons. Winter and autumn poems are darker, spring and summer are lighter, even inspirational. The watercolor illustrations for each season are inspired by Chinese brush painting. Some poems are from Judaism or Buddhism, others from psychology, feminism, or philosophy. Some reflect on love, others on loss. Several reflect a love of the natural world. Readers are encouraged to seize each second, cherish each moment, and treasure each day – before it’s too late!

Father Time waves his wrist watch at the edge of my consciousness, reminding me to get on with living mindfully and joyfully.

  • “A symphonic masterpiece of life songs” – Holli K.

  • A Tempo is an inspiration for those of us who wait for the right season to put our works into print and paintings” – Elida S.

  • “What a gift we have in the poems and paintings of Shoshana Kobrin. Readers are suspended in time between pole and tropic” – Sandra R.

The Satisfied Soul Daily Guidebook:
Your Path to Fulfillment

  • Clarify priorities and goals

  • Break away from negative patterns

  • Face challenges with courage and creativity

  • Attract the right opportunities and people

Struggling with money, relationships, work, or harmful habits? You could have soul hunger. No amount of food, money, sex, or job promotions can satisfy a starving soul. We thrive only when connected to our true self. The Satisfied Soul Daily GuideBook is a revolutionary approach to journaling. Ten minutes a day working with this book will enable you to achieve your objectives and realize your dreams.

  • “The GuideBook provides an approachable, easy-to-use format for reflecting on those aspects of yourself you’d like to enhance or change” – Elayne S.

  • “This is the perfect guide to reclaiming yourself and your soul” – Patricia W.

7 Steps for Positive Connections: Manifesting Your Satisfied Soul

Get this book free when you request Shoshana's newsletter.

Do you feel connected with who you really are? With family and friends? Your body? Your work and living situation? High mobility, consumerism, and the stress of our fast-paced lives challenge us. Face-to- face interactions diminish with our use of smartphones and texting. No wonder we often feel alienated and empty. Life-satisfaction is all about connection. In this book, you’ll find out:

  • How to connect with your inner truth

  • How to form meaningful connections with others

  • How to choose communities and activities that energize you

  • How to achieve your life purpose

Discover the seven key steps for building deep-rooted connections with all aspects of your life. Embark on this voyage to the fertile land of your Satisfied Soul!

  • “An uplifting book! Change your thoughts, change your life” – Eric M.

  • 7 Steps to Positive Connections is a potent tool, helping readers empower themselves and others” – Robert M.

  • “Shoshana encourages us to dream big, envisioning authentic lives filled with love, health, meaningful work, and fun” – Cynthia Sue L.

Love, Anger, Power – and FOOD!
A Guidebook for Women

  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself and your body

  • Claim power over your life and eating patterns

  • Eliminate dieting, bingeing, or purging by using feelings productively

  • Enjoy a new reality unhampered by food and weight worries

Problems with overeating, overweight, bingeing, yo-yo dieting, bulimia, or anorexia? Or just feeling bad about your body and appearance? Love, anger, and power are the roots of your concerns. This user-friendly guidebook cuts to the chase, giving you the answers you’re seeking. Learn the fundamental reasons for your food and weight worries. Relish the relationship with food and your body.

  • “Readers will find tools to transform the habits causing them so much difficulty and discover practical steps to recovery” – Sheila A.

  • “This book by an articulate and compassionate writer, illustrates the wisdom of a seasoned therapist. An extremely helpful resource for those with food and weight issues, their families, and significant others” – Thomas G.

The Satisfied Soul: Transforming Your Food and Weight Worries

  • Discover the underlying causes of food and weight issues

  • Create a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • Nourish your starving soul

In this book, concepts are vividly illustrated with characters based on poignant stories of women in the author’s psychotherapy practice, and her own experience of bulimia. You’ll be encouraged by these courageous women who conquered obsessive dieting, bingeing, compulsive overeating, overweight, obesity, bulimia, and anorexia. Encounter new concepts and ideas, as well as helpful exercises and concrete steps for healing. The Satisfied Soul goes beyond dead-end diet plans with practical tools and a stirring, motivating approach.

  • The Satisfied Soul is an extremely timely and important resource for sufferers, educators, and anyone dealing with food and weight issues. Shoshana provides fresh insights through a combination of anecdotes and scientific explanations” – Jocelyn G.

  • “In this unique volume, Shoshana Kobrin presents useful suggestions on how one can reverse the grip of food and weight concerns” – Alan G.

Do No Harm: Transforming Addictions

  • Find freedom from cycles of addiction and relapse

  • Learn self-care practices to end addictions

  • Find meaning and purpose to embrace your life

Today many of us struggle with addictive substances and behaviors: illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, food and weight issues, gambling, sexual addiction, overspending, nicotine, or over-use of caffeine. Internet addiction has now reached epidemic proportions.

Most books on addictions deal only with symptoms. This book explores underlying issues. Addictions are an unconscious effort to survive a lack of meaning in ourselves, others, and our lives. The antidote for this is; The Satisfied Soul – positive connections with our emotions, body, family, relationships, vocation, and environment. Both practical and inspirational, Do No Harm covers an array of methods to promote healing, recovery, and well-being.

  • “A great read for anyone suffering from addictions” – Cali E.

  • “Shoshana Kobrin peels away the complex layers of addiction” – Carole K.

  • “Expect a transformation as you read this book” – Stella H.

Courses and Workshops

Coming soon:
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Introduction to Memoir Writing, Journaling, Write That Novel - Now! Short Story Writing, The Self-Help Writer's Guide


Online workshop

Fall, 2021

You’ve dreamed of putting your life down in words,
but now you ask yourself;

  • How do I write about my experiences?

  • What should I do with the parts and pieces of my memoir squirreled away?

  • How do I build on my previous writing?

  • Perhaps you wonder; "Is my life really that interesting?" and "How do I even begin?"

Remember that your life story is unique, vivid, and heart-warming. Writing and sending it out into the world (or just to your grandchildren) makes meaning of your life and validates it. Memoir writing is many-layered and complex. This user-friendly course breaks it down into easy to follow steps reinforced by examples, prompts, and exercises, giving you a firm foundation on which to build your memoir.

The course covers:

Choosing which type of memoir is for you
Discovering the subject and themes of your memoir
Drawing your timeline
Focusing in; Important versus life-changing events
Hatching your plot
Enriching your writing

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Zoom course: Journaling
Zoom course: Journaling


Online workshop

Winter, 2022

You’ve been wondering about journaling, but now you ask yourself:

  • “Can I really do this?"

  • "How can I find the time?”

Remember the diary you kept as a teen? With a lock and a tiny silver key? You were on the right path - journaling is a basis for memoir writing, short stories, novels, poetry, non-fiction, and internet networking.

It also preserves valuable memories, breaks negative patterns, clarifies priorities, and realizes dreams. Join me in exploring the power and creativity of this tool, using a selection of techniques.

Bring your notebook and pen or laptop to experience this transformative hands-on workshop.

Participants complete exercises for each session. You'll read your work and receive constructive feedback from me and your classmates.

Can't wait to start? You're in the right place!


Online workshop

Spring, 2022

Are you an aspiring author with a story to tell? Writing a novel can feel like it’s never going to happen. It can be a daunting task for even the most ambitious person. Making time for your craft can come with uncertainty.

I’m here to guide you through the path of successful novel-making from the starting point to the finish line. This course guides you through several user-friendly steps:

• Discovering and creating your story
• Starting your novel with an inciting incident
• Expanding it into a plot
• Creating unforgettable characters
• Generating a narrative of conflicts and resolutions
• Crafting a satisfying and impressive climax

Learn how to construct a powerful novel your readers will love!

Zoom course: Novel
Zoom course: Novel


Online workshop

Spring, 2022

We all carry a multitude of stories within us. Your stories are as unique, gripping, and heart-warming as those by any famous writer. Whether you’re a beginner yearning to send your words out into the world or an experienced writer wishing to refine and expand your craft, you’ll be inspired by this blend of informational learning and hands-on experience. Leave with all the tools you need to put your stories into print!


  • The story-building process

  • Traditional and modern methods of shaping a plot

  • A guided step-by-step process

  • Positive, constructive feedback

  • Publications options

  • Excerpts from Shoshana’s book of short stories

Let's get started - sign up as soon as registration opens


Online workshop

Summer, 2022

Do you have a skill, trade, a line of work, or a hobby to develop into a self-help book? All that information is already at your fingertips; from making that perfect chocolate cake to successful woodworking to beginning backpacking. You might have a story to inspire others to follow your steps – how you stopped smoking, recovered from a severe illness, or raised a challenging child to become a loving and capable adult. Your knowledge is gleaned from years of valuable experience.

This course will help you understand the mechanics of writing self-help books and to master the process. I offer an insider’s view of this popular genre. My easy-to-follow and straightforward guidelines take you step-by-step through the complete writing process.

They include:

• Getting clear on what you want to achieve with your book
• Generating easy to understand exercises for the reader
• Using memorable examples in the text
• Crafting catchy titles, subtitles, and chapter headings
• Constructing graphs and bulleted lists for maximum effect
• Producing checklists, questions, and other interactive elements
• Preparing your manuscript for publication

Take this course to help those who read your book!

Zoom course: Novel



Writing your memoir displays the passages you took and those you did not. Learn the fundamentals and enhance your creativity with prompts and exercises. Discover your inner writer as I guide you through this transformative process!

Get in touch with me at for a session and receive excerpts from my just-published book; Life Tales: How to Write your Memoir

Life Tales: How to Write Your Memoir

Creative Writing Consulting with Shoshana Kobrin


Are you longing to write a book? But don’t know where to start? I will show you how to develop your ideas for short stories, a novel, journal writings, poetry, or non-fiction into polished products. Whether you‘re a beginner, yearning to put your thoughts into writing or an experienced writer wanting to refine and expand your writing, I will guide you in mastering the elements of the craft. By providing thoughtful and constructive feedback, I’ll help you to:

  • Set reasonable, workable goals

  • Conquer creative blocks and your inner critic

  • Be more productive in limited time

  • Learn the skills you need with examples and a step-by-step technique

  • Satisfy your hunger to create

To receive valuable guidance for your writing, as well as
20 Musts for the Creative Writer, connect with me at

Consulting Packages

Write that book efficiently and timely with a supportive and experienced guide at your side! With examples and step-by-step techniques, discover how to develop your ideas for short stories, a novel, memoir, poetry, or non-fiction into polished products. Whether you're a beginning or a long-time writer, I will guide you in taking the steps toward publishing. By providing supportive, individualized attention, and constructive feedback, I'll help you to:

  • Create a practical writing routine

  • Build upon, complete, and publish previous work

  • Discover your inner writer's creativity with journaling

  • Learn the fundamentals of writing a memoir, novel, short stories, or non-fiction

  • Generate riveting plots, scenes, characters, and dialogue

  • Turn your rough draft into polished prose

Writing Packages
Zoom course: Novel


My comprehensive editing services include:

1. Structural and developmental editing

This edit looks at the big picture, the overarching issues, the structure of the book, its subject and themes, plot, and narrative arc. Areas of the manuscript may be removed or added to improve the clarity and flow. You may need to add chapters, delete others, and rethink characters or approaches

2. Copy and Line Editing

Here, I look at paragraphs and sentences, improve sentence structure for fluency and consistency, alter paragraphs, and suggest new material. With copy editing, spelling and grammar mistakes are corrected, and redundant words or sentences deleted. I ensure your writing is as strong as possible, so readers can focus on the content.

3. Proofreading

This is the last major stage of the editing process. Proofreading addresses any remaining errors, including typos, punctuation, and formatting. A detailed review of your manuscript is made, ensuring your text is polished before going to print.

Let's get started - contact me

My packages ensure your book is the best possible experience for readers

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