Manifesting Your Satisfied Soul

  • How to connect with your inner truth
  • How to form meaningful connections with others
  • How to choose communities and activities that energize you
  • How to achieve your life purpose

Life-satisfaction is all about connection. Do you feel connected with who you really are? With family and friends? Happy with your body? Your work and living situation? High mobility, consumerism, and the stress of our fast-paced lives challenge us. Face-to- face interactions diminish with our use of smartphones and texting. No wonder we often feel alienated and empty. In this book, you’ll discover the seven key steps for building deep-rooted connections with all aspects of your life. Embark on this voyage to the fertile land of your Satisfied Soul!

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Kobrin was born and grew up in apartheid South Africa. She tells these stories with an insider’s view of that conflicted and oppressive period of South African history. The themes vary widely; encounters with wild monkeys and elephants, the attachment of a mother to her small daughter on a safari trip, a young boy stranded in the Karroo semi-desert, a dog attack on a remote Transvaal farm, and a white college student’s epiphany when confronted with her black maid’s anguish.

These stories:

  • Capture the essence of apartheid South Africa
  • Are infused with the flavor of the South African landscape;Reflect a coming of age of the characters
  • Are an incisive commentary on racial prejudice anywhere

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  • Find freedom from cycles of addiction and relapse
  • Learn self-care practices to end addictions
  • Find meaning and purpose and embrace your life

Today too many of us struggle with addictive substances and behaviors: illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, food and weight issues, gambling, sexual addiction, overspending, nicotine, or over-use of caffeine. Internet addiction has now reached epidemic proportions.

Most books on addictions deal only with symptoms. This book explores underlying issues. Kobrin says, “Addictions are an unconscious effort to survive a lack of meaning in ourselves, others, and our lives.” The antidote for this is “The Satisfied Soul” – positive connections with our emotions, body, family, relationships, vocation, and environment. Both practical and inspirational, Do No Harm covers an array of methods to promote healing, recovery, and well-being. Expect a transformation as you savor this book.

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The Satisfied Soul - Transforming Your Food and Weight WorriesTHE SATISFIED SOUL: TRANSFORMING YOUR FOOD AND WEIGHT WORRIES
“It’s the soul, not the body, that’s starving…”

  • Discover the underlying causes of food and weight issues
  • Create a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Nourish your starving soul

SHOSHANA KOBRIN vividly illustrates her concepts with characters based on poignant stories of women in her psychotherapy practice, and her own experience of bulimia. You’ll be encouraged by these courageous women who conquered obsessive dieting, bingeing, compulsive overeating, overweight, obesity, bulimia, and anorexia. Encounter new concepts and ideas, as well as the exercises and concrete steps for healing that have helped her clients. The Satisfied Soul goes beyond dead-end diet plans with practical tools and a stirring, motivating approach.

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  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself and your body
  • Claim power over your life and eating patterns
  • Use feelings productively rather than dieting, bingeing, restricting, or purging
  • Enjoy a new reality unhampered by food and weight worries

Problems with overeating, overweight, bingeing, yo-yo dieting, bulimia, or anorexia? Or just feeling bad about your body and appearance? Love, anger, and power are at the root of your concerns. This user-friendly guidebook cuts to the chase, giving the answers you’re seeking. Learn the fundamental reasons for your food and weight worries. Find joy in your relationship with food and with your body.

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The Satisfied Soul Daily Guide Book


  • Clarify priorities and goals
  • Break away from negative patterns
  • Face challenges with courage and creativity
  • Attract the right opportunities and people

Struggling with money, relationships, work, or harmful habits? You could have Soul Hunger. No amount of food, money, sex, or job promotions can satisfy a starving soul. We thrive only when connected to our truest self. The Satisfied Soul Daily GuideBook is a revolutionary approach to journaling. Ten minutes a day working with this book enables you to achieve your objectives and realize your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Satisfied Soul: Transforming your Food and Weight Worries and Love, Anger, Power – and Food! A GuideBook for Women

Why did you write these books?

I hated my weight as a teen, and after marriage developed bulimia. Only when I arrived in California 25 years later, did I find a therapist to help me. I explored the twisted roots of my eating and began to heal. With my history, it was natural for me to specialize in problems with food and weight. I counsel clients, train colleagues and interns, and conduct workshops and retreats on food, weight, body image, and eating disorders.

What’s the difference between eating disorders – anorexia and bulimia – and other types of food and weight difficulties?

Although the symptoms are different, and some are more serious than others, I believe there’s a common core in all types of disordered eating and obsessions with food and weight: an inner emptiness and lack of connection with self, body, and life itself. The Satisfied Soul and Love, Anger, Power – and Food! cover a broad spectrum of girls and women with food problems, from obsessive dieting, anxiety about weight loss, overweight, obesity, compulsive overeating, negative body image, to bulimia and anorexia.

How does our culture and society influence our attitudes toward weight and our bodies?

Now you’ve opened a Pandora’s Box! The contemporary media ideal for women is achievable by less than 5% of the female population. This “ideal” woman – portrayed by models and screen idols – is five foot seven inches tall, weighs one hundred pounds and wears a size 5. One out of three women are on a diet at any given time. Two thirds of dieters regain the weight within one year and virtually all regain it within five years. The diet industry is a booming business!

Books on food and weight are so common. How are yours different?

Although the diet industry is gargantuan and diet books flood the market, the medical model is used in most books on food and weight issues. The problem is given a label such as obesity, compulsive overeating, bulimia, or anorexia. Symptoms, not underlying causes, are addressed.

My approach embraces the whole self rather than treating only symptoms. It’s inspirational yet practical, integrating many of the elements in other books on the subject. Readers are guided towards their own path to health and wholeness. Although The Satisfied Soul includes practical suggestions, journaling exercises, checklists, and quizzes to involve the reader by targeting eating issues, it is more than a workbook. The book explores and gives solutions to the emotional and spiritual states lying beneath the troubled relationship with food. It’s the soul, not the body, that’s starving! A person with food and weight issues is suffering from soul-hunger.

“Soul? What on earth does that have to do with food and weight?”

That’s a good question. There’s a growing interest in the spirituality of eating disorders. Most of all, spirituality implies connection. Women preoccupied with weight have difficulty in making positive and fulfilling connections with:

  • Emotions, needs, hopes, and dreams
  • The body
  • Inner Core or true self
  • The higher Self, higher power, or belief system
  • Other people, family, community, and the world around us
  • The present moment, the Now

I see you have a “cast of characters” at the beginning of The Satisfied Soul. Isn’t that more suitable for a play, rather than a self-help book?

In most self-help books, fragments of impersonal case histories demonstrate points. I illustrate my concepts with 5 imaginary “characters” taken from cases in my psychotherapy practice and my own experience of recovery from bulimia. Each character represents one type of problem with food and weight. Although I enjoy research and technical writing, I’m basically a poet and short story writer. In fact, these characters took over the book! It felt as though they decided on their histories, their problems, and their paths to recovery. The reader can easily identify with them and become involved in tracing their progress throughout the book.

You have a whole chapter on the family. Isn’t it rather old-fashioned to blame her family for a child who grows up with problems?

Well, maybe I’m just an old-fashioned gal! After all, I went through many years of psychoanalysis, with its emphasis on dysfunctional family influences and childhood trauma – and could have bought a couple of houses with what I spent! (It taught me what not to do as a therapist!) It’s important for a person with food and weight issues to understand that there were causes for the disorder – that it’s not a terrible character flaw or lack of self-discipline. And the way you were raised plays a big part in forming the eating disorder. It’s not a matter of pointing fingers at our parents. After all, their own struggles made their parenting the way it was. I encourage my readers, once they’ve understood the causes, to take responsibility in leaving the past where it is – in the past. I give them tools for new ways of looking at themselves, their bodies, and their life.

How does your experience as a therapist come into play in this book?

My clinical experience forms the foundation of the book. Many hours of research went into it to make the book current and timely, to give weight and meaning to innovative concepts and exercises. I’ve tried to make the tone welcoming and direct – almost as though the reader is sitting in my therapy office. Concepts from the field of psychology, are introduced.

Who might benefit from your books?

They are for the reader who urgently seeks help for her food and weight struggles. Also, they are useful for therapists working in the field of eating disorders. The books help parents prevent their children from developing an eating disorder, and also a resource if they have children struggling with bulimia or anorexia. Parents, students, teachers, friends, partners, and fitness coaches can use the books to spot an eating disorder in its early stages. Disturbances with food, once the province of white, upper class women, now crosses ethnic, cultural, and economic boundaries, so the books will appeal to all women in our culture.

Why women and not men?

The books are based on my own experience and that of my clients who tend toward being women. Also, statistics show that women, rather than men, are more prone to anxiety about their weight and bodies. (Although the numbers of men suffering from problems with weight and food are increasing.) The Satisfied Soul and Love, Anger, Power – and Food! address women because they are the prime targets for food, weight, and body image disturbances, and eating disorders

What do you hope to accomplish with these books?

I’m challenging the epidemic of obsessive dieting, obesity, and eating disorders that’s sweeping the United States. One fourth of “normal” dieters will later develop an eating disorder. Only 5% of diets have a permanent effect. Girls as young as 4 refuse ice-cream at parties. Teens are fainting in their classrooms from self-starvation. Websites such as Pro Ana (Pro anorexia) teach them how to fast and purge. Yet 30% of the participants in weight loss programs meet the criteria for compulsive overeating and a third of our population is obese.

Where can people buy your books?

They are available from Amazon in ebook and hard copy. Autographed copies can be purchased directly from me at any of my workshops.